Black Wire Shelving – Easy Dissembling Guide

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Black Wire Shelving – Easy Dissembling Guide

You probably own Black Wire Shelving yourself, but if you don’t, you should know that this type of shelving is great to have in your home, thanks to the many advantages it brings: it is reliable, sturdy, very easy to assemble and adjustable. Reading the guide will help you to assemble the shelving easily, and you will be able to fit it anywhere in your home. It is great for storage, and it goes everywhere: kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, hallway, etc. However, what should you do when you have to move or get rid of the shelving? Dissembling does not seem as simple as the assembling. Are you stuck? Here are some steps to follow when you want to disassemble the shelving!

The first thing you should do before you get started is purchasing the tool that will make the whole process easier. Go to the local hardware store and get one of those rubber mallets. The rubber mallet is a hammer that will be very handy for DIY projects and for dissembling the wire shelving! Are you ready to go? Let’s get started!

The second step to take is flipping the wire shelving units over. You will use gravity to detach those shelves from the plastic clips. In the end, the shelving should be with the feet up. Then start from the top and strike the shelving’ frame with the rubber mallet. You should strike on every corner. Make sure you keep one of your hands in the frame and apply some pressure so the frame won’t redistribute its weight. Once all the corners are loose, the next step is removing the shelf clips. This can become a challenging task, but you can get it done easily by using your forefinger and thumb to twist the plastic clip.

After you are done with the plastic clips, is time to lift the shelves up and remove them. This is a simple task, as it only requires you to “rinse and repeat.” When you reach the last shelf, all you have to do is place a foot on its edge and “twist the posts out of the corners”. And you are done!

Dissembling wire shelving is not a complicated job, but you can easily get stuck if you have never done it before. To do a good job even on the first try, you should take in a little advice and follow the steps above. Shortly, this dissembling guide has three main steps: flip de shelf over, then hit them “from the bottom to knock them loose”, and finally remove the remaining components “from the posts”. Isn’t it quite simple?

Now that you are done dissembling the shelving, you can simply pack it up and move it into your new house or put it in the storage area, and you will be able to reassemble it later!