How Can I Style My Bathroom With Wire Shelving Units?

person Ann Lottaccess_time December 9, 2015

One of the cheapest and hottest trends in furniture now is the wire shelving. What are wire shelves? Praised for their unlimited storage options and for the industrial vibe they give to any room, these shelves are cheap, sturdy and very chic if you know how to style them. Do you want to use it too in your home? These items are so versatile and can be placed in any room of the house for storage. The most common areas for wire shelves are the kitchen and the bathroom. These shelves will come in handy especially in rooms where you have a lot of things to store. The only problem is many people don’t know how to style these shelves in the bathroom, where you often don’t have much room for anything.

Styling wire shelving units in the bathroom is not a tough job, but it requires a little creativity and some free time. Buying wire shelves are the first step you need to take, and then assemble and then find the perfect spot for it. You can store anything in them, from beauty products to towels or paper towel. What will it be? There are multiple options, depending on your needs. Here are some great ideas to style your bathroom with wire shelves!

For a small bathroom, shelving units are a salvation. You should place it in an easily reachable place, such as near the sink or the bathtub. For a small bathroom is great to store everything in there, from towels to beauty products. One idea is to place the paper towel on the bottom shelves, after that the towels and the beauty products in the middle. On the top shelves, you can place some décor objects, such as some flowers, great sponges or products you don’t often use.

For a big bathroom, you can show off your Black Wire Shelving and make it the most outstanding thing there. You can either give it a “theme” such as only placing towels and decorative pieces or make it the luxury spot, where you put the beauty products into beautiful nude wooden boxes and make it seem like a spa. You can style the shelving however you want, but always make sure it keeps it functionality as well and that you need it there. If you don’t like the plain wire shelf, you can choose wooden shelves or white wire shelves.

A very important aspect is to match the shelves with the rest of the bathroom. Do you have a nude bathroom? Make the shelves also nude or brown or a soft pink. Black wire shelves go well into a white or black bathroom or as a different touch in a plain bathroom. Don’t be afraid to style your bathroom with wire shelves: they are cheap, versatile and chic!