How Can You Style The Wire Shelving Units For Your Kitchen?

person Ann Lottfolder_openKitchenaccess_time December 9, 2015

Wire shelving is present in almost any home, thanks to its advantages: a versatile storage item, cheap and very easy to install. The only problem is everything you display on it can be seen from every angle! What will you do? Guests will be able to see everything you own without any secrets and you are terrified that your kitchen will look hectic and not so classy! There are solutions to every problem! You can easily solve this with a few smart tricks you can use at home. Here are some styling ideas for those shelves in the kitchen!

First of all, keep a positive attitude: remember how useful the shelving is for you and how it can hold a good amount of weight (from your microwave to your mixer and baskets of cutlery). Your kitchen needs it! Plus, it has a great industrial feel, and it goes well with the “stainless steel appliances”. Therefore, let’s see how you can style it!

Second of all, it depends on what type of kitchen you have. The Black Wire Shelving goes great with small kitchens where you don’t have much room for all your things. Therefore, it would be great to store the small appliances there, such as toaster oven or microwave, mixer or chopper. Placing them all there will give your feeling a nice touch and it will help you clean the counter up and use it later for cooking or storing cute sugar and condiments jars.

If you have a big kitchen, but you still want to place the wire shelves there, you can do it in a classy way: make it a décor object. One idea is to display your wine bottles there, along with some beautiful plates and black and white/message photos. Do it your way or gain inspiration from other wire shelves projects. Another idea is to display your mason jars there. Fill them up with anything you want and make it the central piece in your kitchen!

The organized girls will love wire shelving units because it gives them the chance to show off their skills. If you are organized, you probably don’t like overloaded shelves that look hectic. The best choice is to display your pot, pans, plates and bottles in a classy way: organize them by choice and add a plant or a decorative object such as a kitchen watch among the cutlery stuff. It will look great, and it fits well into any kitchen! Are you convinced yet that wire shelves are versatile and can be used in multiple ways?

There are plenty of other options for your wire shelving, but you can find your way of dealing with it. For example, you can store snacks, make it a “home depot” with all the ingredients you usually use for cooking. Have fun with the shelving unit, it will probably look good in your kitchen anyway!