Where Can You Use Your Wire Shelving?

person Ann Lottfolder_openPerfect Apartmentaccess_time December 13, 2015
Where Can You Use Your Wire Shelving?

Having some wire shelving units around the house can be pretty useful, given the storage they offer and how easy it is to assemble them. However, many housewives think these wire shelving do not look good anywhere, so these usually end up in the storage. The main reason many people avoid shelving is that everything will be in sight! Are there any solutions for that? Why give up such a great storage item to have in your house? You can easily style it and find the perfect place for it into your home! Here are some great ideas for you!

There are many places where you can place the Black Wire Shelving you own. A storage item like this goes well in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or even bedroom. You can also place it in the hallway. But how should you style it, so it will look good anywhere? Depending on where you want to put it, there are different alternatives.

If you want to use the shelving into your living room or any living space, you can mask your objects with woven boxes, baskets or magazine files. You can store everything in there from clothes to other small items or clutter. Choose beautiful boxes and you will transform your shelving into a unique furniture piece! If you are the more organized type, you probably want it to be multifunctional first. This is especially true when you live in a small place. One idea is to divide the shelving into different sections: closer, dressing the table, entertainment center. This way you will find it much easier to find your things, and it won’t look as hectic as you may thing. Another tip is to keep the items you don’t often use on the bottom shelves.

For those who want to use the wire shelving in the kitchen, things are much simpler. You can place the shelving in an accessible part of the kitchen, but you must be careful not to bump into it all the time because it will get annoying at some point. You can store small appliances here, such as blender, toaster, microwave, espresso machine, etc. These will save you countertop space that you can use for cooking! Another storage idea for your shelves in the kitchen is placing useful cooking things there. You can store the cutting board, salt/pepper shakers, marble board or even some food items there. Another great idea is taking the flatware and put it into a mason jar, and then display it on the shelves. It will look great, and it will save you drawer room for things like plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

As you can see, wire shelves can be great in almost any room of the house; the trick is to know how to style it. Other rooms where you can place are the bathroom, where you can store the beauty products or the bedroom for jewelry and makeup!